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school which will be the central theme of cases structural change in the coming years. part of the things in the world. also on the web and made the networks the north the news on jillian. us secretary of state john kerry has landed interlude the salvage whatever is left of the israeli palestinian peace talks. sixteen palestinians and four israelis have been killed since the negotiations for starting back in july palestinian officials claim the two sides remain polarized on the main issues of borders security the status of jerusalem and refugees. israel accuses the palestinians that are hindering the progress of negotiations by failing to recognize the country as a
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jewish experience to meet israeli and palestinian leaders on thursday to try and get top spec contract as many analysts predict this may be the last chance to reach a two state solution ersatz authorities from both sides have said that americans may soon offer a bridging proposals to bring the two sides closer together dangerous radioactive medical material taken the truck was stolen in mexico has been found in that surreal cobalt sixty was removed from its protective casing and an abandoned nearby. but the thieves may have been exposed to light during the radiation levels the material in the truck itself were found close to where they had been still near mexico city on monday nuclear security officials assured mexicans that the authorities that the situation under control and that it posed no threat to the local population or fired. it's the radioactive material was discovered about two kilometers from where the truck had been stolen . i
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knew the routine use of june more. to it eu. joe loss has
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admitted to using too keen in england in court but denies he and headaches were knit using the fifty three year old said she had taken cocaine on several occasions with her late first husband john died. the tuc is a form of escape from throat cancer that went on to kill him in twenty oh one now years later the celebrity chef clincher ex husband charles said the trooper into using the drug again claiming he had subjected her to teach him a and that she turned to cocaine out of fear. lawson's confession is the latest twist in the dramatic case against two personal assistants princess gear and elizabeth the grill the sisters are accused of cheating a couple of more than a million dollars or up their limits spending exorbitant amounts of blood tree items and travel but they denied the charges claiming that the popular tv
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personality was so distracted by legal substances that she permitted the overspending to take place. while austin is having smoked marijuana occasionally during her final year of marriage the art dealer she shot down allegations after being in the same. i don't have the drug problem i have the life problem but she also says she's happy to answer the allegations after a long summer of bullying and abuse celebrity couple ended their ten year marriage in july after the release of the notorious proper artsy photos of said she grabbed her throat in . lawson says when she refused to back him of the queen said she threatened to bring her down with false claims of drug addicts in an e mail sent out in october the seven year old accused his ex wife being off her head and ropes last week set to take back the claims instead saying that he'd never seen evidence of her taking her ups telling the court that he's heartbroken to have lots to jail. the trial continued to
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build it to his incompetence accused of looting that the soldier he can read the island in the nineteen eighteen the british government has announced plans to crack down on islamist extremism. an innocent baby cameron said britain was to classify what she called islamist extremists and as a distinct theology to guard against being confused with traditional religious practice cameron said he would implement recommendations he'd received from a taskforce set up after them motivated to talk to stop people being radicalized by beaches he said the tragedy was a wakeup call to take action to confront extremists and i want to see an end to hate preaching in britain. cameron stressed the police could be given new powers to talk to extremism and the government would consider introducing a new type of band to our little medical groups there are practical issues though how will the line be drawn and how although he was quoting from attacks from the car on the beach eat it there is no doubt that the fight against extremists
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who have to be done consistently seems not to alienate victims to force a million muslims especially with the general election less than two years away. us senator john mccain has traveled to tripoli to welcome the prime minister ali is a tough place to track down those responsible for the deaths of four americans in the twenty twelve and kasey kahne split attack while those behind the attack remain unpunished stayed on till the senator that investigations will resume as soon as the security situation in batangas in groups in gaza continues to experience a wave of violence from our minds armed militant groups two years after the revolution which saw the demise of more adoptees forty two year rule. we can confirm that the us pledge to train libyan troops and the stability can only be achieved outside aid the attack on the us embassy and in gauzy attracted much attention and criticism for its inconsistency. witness
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accounts conflict with the version released by the us. questions remain and what really happened on the night to temper eleven points while president obama and his administration has been criticized for being out of time it took them to acknowledge the fact that islamic militants stormed the diplomatic contacts and for their reluctance to use the word terrorists. the guys he came as a major blow to the credibility of obama and his potential successors then secretary of state hillary clinton. in an interview aired in late november obama says he thinks the us will have a female president in the near future. there's much speculation that hillary clinton who unsuccessfully ran against obama in twenty oh eight might be looking into another run. the former first lady new york senator top the polls on who is set to become her party chores twenty six in rates in god see one of the biggest u s national security and intelligence failures in many years under her supervision as secretary of state's comment on your bed where she compare that with the murders of americans two guys out for a walk one nights has been widely criticized i. deputy
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prime minister in the lake and staunchest comedian billy connolly have joined mourners at the start where a police helicopter crash in costs that killed nine people last week. the helicopter crashed onto the reef was the packs of failing the dust and debris the street dancing tree died in the accidents aerial pictures showed the damage the wreckage of the helicopter was related to using a mobile crane hit this week. the whole country is full of admiration for the community spirit that is this has come to the fold because this is a city which he liked it. in sadness and grief but also like to be in the hall still can catch this comedian billy connolly they use to play in for transit the taste of bile also paid his respects. i'm
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very sad and so is the superman story. that means curtail its minutes' notice only. played in all of these poems. it's a most tragic thing. and oh come on morris left flowers and messages out to see my candles when it's needed finance and andrew's cathedral one for each victim scotland's first minister alex salmond also makes an appearance and signed typical indictment says. twelve people remain in hospital speaking at the end of his weekly address from sis is called on christians to pray for twelve orthodox kid from this area ministry by hardline islamist militants the party urged everyone to pray for the sisters of the greek orthodox ministry old son's attack in berlin and syria. you are taken by force by armed men two days ago the jihadi militants and
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i'm in control with the ancient course of the historic christian family with a western main line which jesus is toast but couldn't control of the historic town is split between the elements that its forces loyal to present the chart looks out through the ongoing civil many christians if it's not intimidating to walk across the whole country. toronto canadian reportedly being displaced. many old he is a miserable start to sell from home is an organization including alcoa to do is seeking to impose a shriek with a snorkel and study the boys a dog once again it's been great to see if the futures serious christians who make up ten percent of the population and a serious threats. destroy the ongoing prosecution assyrian christians by islamist militants sought complete contentment on sunderland echo few other world leaders is the canal on the flight. zion here in
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washington but seemed to be center for the performing arts has teamed up with jewish music group from music that had tory attack. to create a special hanukkah events designed to celebrate the role of the clarinet in jewish music. through music and prayer that was founded by charles and robin krauthammer. mr krauthammer says that their goal is to bring jewish classical music to a larger audience the music the line and expanding people's perception of just what constitutes to this music. there are elements of jewish kosher jewish museum of. there has to sue a new occurrence. no discovered them play. we want to bring them collide. the ad john sheen the respected washington are small the kennedy center. the music the handbrake that puts on
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two concerts for years. it's nine fifteen is the clarinet and rising star alexander peter stein is leading the program and it's very unique combination of styles because i'm the one hand view of these composers who lived in russia that were riding in the style of those coming from and the teachers rodent but on the other hand the writing with jewish influence which is quite unique in some very interesting mix of both styles. dan at an. he said that his jewish background gives the performance special meaning. i played the music with my dad played accordion growing up in his room. and being born in minsk home. you know into a strong connection to this music and composers rome into this whole world tone to swirl that. mom almost disappeared. you know the evening's performance focus is on no more than two
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million russian jewish family didn't see me and allison pbs programs have featured santoro flyers jewish her room. he says. needless to say pro musica in the brain that says their concerts are regularly selling out. and at the young artist plain these pcs are going on to perform them on other stage is across the country showing that the appetite for jewish classical music is only continuing to grow. i'm rebecca foster for j and windy in washington the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has been working on a plan to look serious chemical weapons on to it being the ship and transfer them to a us ship which is currently docked in a secure place there's currently no information on how the transfer will take place and whether it will be made while the ships are at sea or
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imports but both options of accomplishing the transfer are very dangerous the wake of deadly chemical weapons are gathered to be transported exceeds five hundred tonnes. it is reported that the transfer will happen at the end of this year and fall when the moon chemicals will be processed in international waters the weapons will be parked for us made reactors which have their own power generators and air filtration system making the process completely self contained with the missions accident especially containers in lower tax experts claim the procedure is environmentally friendly the location for storing the emission containers has not yet been decided the chemical weapons elimination process is scheduled to be conducted by thirty six technicians under the supervision of o p c w official u s officials say the procedure is supposed to take him up or giving it a forty five to sixty day window in his bad weather the entire project is supposed to be over by the end of march upon its conclusion the o p c w will focus its efforts on other
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toxic materials remain in syria. the new museum to the city streets of fraud has showcased the one secret surveillance programs of the czech government the museum is located in the five hundred square meters underground bunker under the altar hotel includes an undergrad ski tow in a room filled with surveillance devices as well as displays featuring cold war memorabilia. the booker was constructed with steel reinforced concrete walls in order to offer communist party members and military officials shelter in the event of a new clear attack the booker also acted as a base for intelligence services to keep an eye and gets in the hotel above the hotel mainly cater to foreign officials diplomats and journalists. the barker was kept in for years until the military finally repealed the space to the hotel in
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nineteen ninety eight and remain on view until last month when the hotel opened the museum. all i can treat the spirits as we welcome to planet hollywood resort and casino in a staged event kicking off the pop princess's to your life take its presidency of the executive's say that i can conceive of future top hats and can be extended if it's a success. spears will perform fifty shows each in two thousand fourteen two thousand. during the december twenty seventh in time for sin city's massive new years and most of the performances will be relatively small heater eye contact is recruiting people and bottle service. wearing a black cocktail dress to the mines to top spears who turned thirty two this year it signed autographs for fear of more than one thousand and
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sixteen this year my laptop and a carpeted staircase to the soundtrack of your own music to display the remains of that thinking glittery twenty eight near start from the tourist accepted and became as is. spears has released seven platinum plus albums since he debuted on the music scene in nineteen ninety nine her eighth album cricket team has been released this week to tepid reviews. pfft. when you put your name might be just a can of course only poetry and all speaking of busty is both he and mike reid is digitizing ancient manuscripts and read books which have been to be made available for viewing online. shooting on trees in twenty twelve announce the four year project to digitize some of the most important was that the collections of hebrew and greek manuscripts dating back to the fifty s entry. the pop and disco change anything francis said yes to go to the song for us to go to
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the countries of the world in every sense. therefore i believe that when the vatican council in the library and all other libraries bring their books and there. they are creating a network of interest and knowledge they are really going to the curve for us. i think they've faded among the fuss up homeless on target to twenty mm good on goals from each of them like crazy and a beautiful fifteen sentry jim and michael i am. we might be in the darkest days of the year tonight we celebrate hanukkah by lights in the lights here in brussels wise comic is so important for the jewish community. i mean this holiday is so important in the community on all over the world because it
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did remind us that freedom of religion is something capital the life of every single person. jewish people we suffered so much within a half thousand years or so and we know what it means to be able to meet routes and to the region. so the seas bees to honey is the message of freedom of religion of respect of peace. and this is not less is this the message of the jewish people and for us it's important. in belgium and over the world to celebrate and to shuttle the olympic all around us we don't celebrate the military victory recently delights. if i'd like to cast the darkness is the message. and i could use monica to connect with the non jewish community as well. as i mentioned before the message all of respect an idea underlying speech before when on to become a kimono but i don't
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want tolerance and respect and this message of respect to something. the most important thing in life. and this is the message that i would have to teach our children the children in the schools. universal message everybody has to make sure that someone has to respect the other one still on the other one has to share with the other hand one has to bring peace around here but by leakage he was happy i can assist a close with. i wish to all canadians. around the world soon. they would disintegrate them that very soon and stated the results all together in the lighting to the temple because as you know we celebrate the lighting overtime goal two thousand years ago so let's celebrate and i hope that's very soon. messiah will come an altogether will be able to dance and celebrate life the time in honor of the mineral in the temple. the stomach
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the singapore on saturday evening like this to bring the community to get that because in brussels we don't always get sad maybe occasions and found it accumulates at the body. as well. to me the house. been to. while. just link to the store windows that with them new flagship store in new york come to light for christmas. this year isn't it sad when you shut down traffic in front of their store for a show that includes belly dancers and a light display. the window displays are the secret weapon of work and mortar retailers luring shoppers away from their computers at the time when e commerce is
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more popular than ever the cause for all of the displays is a tiny fraction of what retailers spend on tv ads and other marketing but they boost to store traffic and get a response. just a few blocks away the windows in the season flagship store had been transformed into an animated story fifteen hundred full and part time animators hair stylists makeup artists and musicians work year round to create the mechanical seems it's all the windows attracted its seventy thousand people or our entering the final shopping days of the christmas season as many as seventy five thousand shoppers are coming through the store. displays the biltmore. it's an off site where suspended recently the stores retailers also it should be simple or pre packaged and its police to the stores around the country although in the big name retailers were willing to see just how much they spent
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analysts believe the shops like macy's and bloomingdale's for you nearly a half million dollars to build the flashy displaced to bring customers into their shops customers that might have instead stayed home and want their christmas presents . a year ago i was excited to meet with hundreds of people. with all the traditional candlelight all i believe that the argentine it's an example the distance events with all the communities of the country and to which we take that long to come and participate. we are all together and it can succeed this witness there is is
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that it can succeed even its name says it said it's good it's not unlike humans cannot believe that in many places in the world the same is happening become the new york london paris california miami israel and italy and in every country the lights are on the concept that's the same instant seven late in the whole world is something that is reflected in our events like tia and i believe that here in argentina we are an example. i must say. we are celebrating hanukkah for steering the claimant's i just had a great time arsenal jewish people here in rome and its use. we celebrated together. this is not the first time i've come here i come here almost every year. i love my children the show. why don't we. their wedding the act. though
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the action. is he going to go with beads. because when i got it in the past. a lot
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we're over when. and. in him it is a. i'm. as well though. on this. a week. i
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did. it is. i did. thx. is
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yes will you. do. will. i mean. to me. will. or do
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will the poor. la. since. it
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aside taiwan and cheryl trying. the minister of education has published a white paper on personal training. according to the keeper is planning to invest forty billion nt dollars over the next three years to spell this one hundred non profit pre school the next five years and ten twenty four thousand om

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